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Floor hatch under tiles “Economy”

Floor hatch under tiles “Economy”

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Metal Floor Hatch

A robust design that can be used both indoors and outdoors. To ensure quick and unhindered access to the basement or to utilities, the company “Accesspanel-shop” offers to buy a steel floor hatch “Economy”.

Product Description

Our company realizes the Economy model with an area from 300*300 to 1000*1000 mm. Of course, the price of a floor product is directly proportional to the size. When deciding to buy a hatch for laminate, it is important to clearly indicate for what purposes and in what room it will be used in order to correctly determine the required dimensions. Our consultants can help you in this matter.

If the options presented in the catalog do not meet your requirements, we suggest you go to the custom hatches section.

Steel floor hatches are mainly installed under the laminate, however, the surface of the structure can also be finished with other building materials. The mechanism that will be used to remove the hatch door directly depends on the coating (it is included with the purchase of the system).

Advantages of the Floor Hatch “Economy”

The main advantages of installing this model include:

  • load-carrying capacity, rigidity and reliability of the steel floor structure, which allows it to withstand heavy loads;
  • versatility, that is, this device can be used both inside the building and outside;
  • resistance to rust and deformation;
  • dense adjunction of a door to a frame provides protection of the space located under the floor hatch from moisture, dust and debris;
  • affordable price.

Contact us at the indicated numbers, and we will tell you in detail about the features of the Economy model, help you choose the right option, and also answer all your questions regarding how to buy a metal floor hatch for laminate or other material.

A Hidden Floor Hatch

A hidden floor hatch with a non-fillable cover is used to provide easy and quick access to utilities located below the floor level.

The design of the hatch frame is made of a steel angle with a shelf of 40×40 mm. The manhole cover is made of a steel pipe with a section of 20×40 mm and has stiffening ribs.

The design of the top of the manhole cover is made of moisture-resistant gypsum-fiber board TM “Knauf”. If the hatch has a size of more than 400 mm, special locks-clamps are installed in the metal frame of the hatch cover. This allows you to securely fix the cover in the hatch frame, close the cover and limit the access of strangers to the room located above the hatch (for example, fire hatches on the balconies of apartments).

All metal parts of the hatch are powder coated and protected from rust and corrosion.

Installation of the invisible hatch is carried out to any horizontal solid flat surfaces made of various building materials (concrete, reinforced concrete, metal structures, etc.) both inside and outside buildings.

After mounting and finishing the cover, the hatch becomes completely invisible. This is achieved thanks to a special method of filling the seams (see instructions).

The hatch floor type “Economy” provides an impeccable appearance of the floor covering, allows you to stick tiles, marble, parquet, laminate, linoleum, etc. on it.

 Attention! To apply thin coverings to a manhole cover (laminate, linoleum, carpet, etc.), you need to contact us BEFORE placing your order, and we will install 10mm moisture-resistant plywood on the manhole cover, or we will advise which option is best for you.

 The manhole cover is as light as possible and very durable. If necessary, the hatches are equipped with an additional lock of the cover. Invisible floor hatches with a non-fillable cover are equipped with special handles for opening. The access hatch is very strong and reliable.



  • In case of installation of the hatch on the street, it is necessary to inform us in advance, in the order. We will change the gypsum fiber board to “Aquapanel”;
  • Access hatch type “Economy” can not be installed in the wall;
  • Hatch type “Economy” is not sealed;
  • The hatch cover type “Economy” is not insulated and, therefore, with a temperature difference, condensate may appear on it;
  • Attention! To apply thin coverings to a manhole cover (laminate, linoleum, carpet, etc.), you need to contact us BEFORE placing your order, and we will install 10mm moisture-resistant plywood on the manhole cover, or we will advise which option is best for you.

Invisibility hatches of the “Economy” type can be used in residential and public premises both inside and outside buildings (outside, only with the obligatory replacement of the facing plate).

We always have access hatches of “Economy” type invisibility in standard sizes for all the most popular formats of facing tiles, mosaics, porcelain stoneware, etc.

Also, we manufacture hatches of this type of any size according to individual sizes in multiples of 1mm. Production time – 10 – 20 days.

At your request, we ourselves will come to your facility, take measurements, manufacture, deliver and install our stealth hatches. In addition, we will provide a guarantee not only for stealth hatches, but also for their installation!

We guarantee the high quality of our products. Our stealth hatches are an environmentally friendly product.

All invisible plumbing hatches are packed in a combined package of corrugated cardboard and stretch film. The set of the inspection pressure hatch-invisible type “Economy” includes: hatch – 1 piece, handle – 2 pieces, installation instructions – 1 piece, packaging – 1 piece.

We guarantee you high reliability and durability of our products.

Despite all the variety of types and sizes of tile hatches, it happens that you cannot find a hatch suitable for your tile. What if you want a larger hatch or a specific size, for example, for a mosaic?

We can custom-make it within 10 – 20 days.

We will produce hatches according to your dimensions, with an accuracy of 1 mm.

We will deliver the finished product throughout United Kingdom.

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