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Aluminum floor hatch "Light"

Aluminum floor hatch "Light"

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Benefits of an Aluminum Floor Hatch

Due to the features of the material used in the production, "Light" is distinguished by:

  • durability, as the metal resists corrosion well;
  • ease of use, as aluminum is characterized by lightness;
  • strong adhesion to the coupler, which is ensured by the ribbed surface of the floor hatch;
  • low price;
  • increased degree of tightness, which prevents the penetration of moisture and debris under the door.

As a result, this floor device is an excellent option for installation on any surface.

Do you still have questions regarding the features of production, installation or how to buy a hatch in the floor for tiles? Contact us and we will gladly advise you.

The Main Features of the Floor Hatch Type "LIGHT"

The main feature of the floor hatch type "LIGHT" is the material from which it is made. The whole structure of the hatch is all-metal welded, made of aluminum profile 3 mm thick. This manhole is the lightest of all floor-mounted invisible manholes with a fillable cover.

Installation of the floor hatch "LIGHT" is carried out to any horizontal solid flat surfaces made of various building materials (concrete, reinforced concrete, metal structures, etc.). The hatch can be installed both inside and outside buildings.

Tiles can be laid both inside the hatch cover and on top of the hatch cover with release outside the hatch cover. In the first case, after installation and finishing, the location of the hatch gives out only a thin, neat gap around the perimeter. In the second case, the hatch is absolutely invisible.

This type of access hatch has a fully removable cover. The manhole cover is fillable. To increase the strength and load capacity, a reinforcing metal mesh can be laid in the manhole cover.

By filling the manhole cover with some kind of insulator (expanded polystyrene, dense mineral wool, expanded clay, etc.) or concrete with lightweight filler (expanded clay, polystyrene balls, etc.), you can achieve: reduce the weight of the cover, increase sound insulation and thermal insulation.

On the hatch you can install: granite, tiles, parquet, laminate, linoleum, etc.


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