• Tile leveling system

    Our professional tile leveling system for floor tilers to ensure parallel joints and perfect leveled tiles. This products are used for precision mounting of tiles.

  • Hatches for tiles

    A beautiful, clean surface, which is not disturbed by any constructions, protrusions, and niches – isn’t it a dream?

  • Hatches for painting

    Is a modern solution in interior design. It is easy and simple to mount it in a plasterboard partition or ceiling; they are installed in brick, concrete, and other masonry openings.

  • Floor hatches

    Floor hatches are widely used both in private homes and in industrial enterprises and offices.

Hatches for tiles

A Beautiful, Clean Surface with Tile Access Hatches


Aluminum floor hatch “Light”

The main feature of the floor hatch type “LIGHT” is the material from which it is made. The whole structure of the hatch is all-metal welded, made of aluminum profile 3 mm thick. This manhole is the lightest of all floor-mounted invisible manholes with a fillable cover.


Hatches for painting

On our website of the company you will find hidden hatches for painting, which are perfect for your wallpaper or painting. Auditing invisible hatches of our company will provide reliable and inconspicuous access to your utilities, or just for extra storage.


Tile Adhesive Spreader

Adjustable Tiling Spreader for laying tiles (up to 60 cm) both on the floor and on the walls.