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Adjustable notched tile trowel (from 45 cm to 80 cm). Completely dismountable.

Adjustable notched tile trowel (from 45 cm to 80 cm). Completely dismountable.

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A device for even, quick and clean application of adhesive to the floor.

The teeth width and height 10x10 mm, 12x12 mm, 14x14 mm. It is intended for laying tiles of different sizes from 45 to 80 cm.

Professional universal comb is designed for applying glue to the floor and to the tile. Adjusts to the desired width, speeds up the work.

  • Complete set for the tiler ready to work.
  • Completely disassembled, which makes transportation easier.
  • Floor covered with adhesive of uniform thickness.
  • Much faster glue application on the floor than with the traditional method!
  • Easy to use and easy to clean - no additional spanners or tools required.
  • Tile levelling reduced to a minimum.
  • Durable, strong, and rigid construction - 1 mm stainless steel.

 Work rules.

Method 1.  Applying glue to the floor under the tile.

1. Assemble a tiling comb. Set the width of the comb (applied layer) and tighten the nuts.


2. Put the glue inside.


 3.  Stretch the comb creating relief "bed" for the tile.

4. Lay the tile on the prepared surface.

The result is a smooth layer of glue of the desired width close to the finished row. The laid tile is not dirty.

Method 2.  Applying glue to the tile.

1. Fit the unit to a flat surface that can be tightened and that will not scratch the tile (OSB, wooden plywood, plasterboard, wooden top, etc.).

2. Put the glue on the tile and stretch it out.

The result - each tile is covered with smooth grooves of glue. The front surface is clean.

During breaks in operation slightly rinse the device with water (or put in water).

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