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Floor hatch “APF-U”

Floor hatch “APF-U”

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Floor access panels model "APF-U" with gas struts are designed for access to hidden engineering communications in the floor, as well as for descending into the basement, ground floor, cellar, technical room in private houses, garages, as well as in industrial and commercial buildings.

Our products provide not only convenience but also aesthetic appeal. The panel is installed in a specially prepared opening, after which any type of floor covering can be easily laid on it, be it stone, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, parquet, etc. The special design of our panels allows for the manufacture of large sizes with a margin of strength. The panel door opens 90 degrees thanks to special axial hinges and gas struts, allowing easy opening by one person without external assistance. We understand the importance of reliability, therefore all our panels are made of metal with a wall thickness of 3 mm and a rigidity frame. Perimeter mounting holes are provided around the external frame for anchoring bolts.

The panel door has stiffness ribs along its perimeter, the number of which depends on the size of the panel and customer preferences. Each of our panels comes with a convenient removable handle, which also serves to open the lock. By agreement with the customer, it is possible to manufacture and install special devices for additional comfort and safety. By choosing our floor access panels, you get not only access to engineering communications with minimal effort but also guaranteed quality, reliability, and durability.

Features of the floor access panel model "APF-U":

- The panel consists of two main components - a frame and a cover. Both the frame and cover are made of durable cold-rolled black metal with a thickness of 3 mm, ensuring high strength, reliability, and durability.

- Welds are performed with high quality and reliability, guaranteeing a long service life of the product.

- The panel cover is fitted with a moisture-resistant, fireproof gypsum fiberboard (GFB) from Knauf, providing additional strength, protection, and sound insulation.

- The panel is coated with an impact-resistant, anti-corrosion polymer powder enamel, ensuring durability and preservation of appearance over many years of operation.

- Gas struts are installed for easy and safe opening of the cover. This provides smooth and controlled opening of the cover, preventing possible injuries.

- A dense rubber seal is installed under the cover, ensuring tightness and sound insulation. This prevents moisture, dust, and external sounds from penetrating through the panel.

- A latch lock is installed on the panel cover for secure fixation and easy locking of the cover. This ensures safety and protection from unauthorized access to the premises or communications.

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