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Plasterboard Access Panels with Aluminium Frame AP-B

Plasterboard Access Panels with Aluminium Frame AP-B

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Access panels provide easy access to inspection openings in walls and ceilings, and cavities with gas, water and electricity meters or in-house fire hydrants, etc.
Produced in large sizes, they are also used for rooms with a fairly large wiring stations such as central heating distributors or ceiling storage.
They feature spring-loaded latches, providing a surface without handles or grips.
To open the door, press on the longer edge of the part to be opened.


  • Aluminum frame.
  • Drywall moisture resistant 12.5 mm.
  • Easy to instal.


  • Make a hole in the drywall . sash size + 5mm.
  • Place the valve in the hole and then align.
  • Fix the inspection hatch frame with screws. The number of screws used must be adapted to the size of the valve.
  • Fill the gaps in the connection of the leaves with drywall and level the surface in the area of the screws with building putty.
  • After the putty has dried, cover the surface with paint.
  • NOTE. Model dimensions are cutout size/hole size+5mm.

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