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Screw Cap & Clip Tile Levelling System. Clips (500 Pcs)

Screw Cap & Clip Tile Levelling System. Clips (500 Pcs)

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Included in this kit:

  • 500 x Clips 1.5mm

Please note: Screw caps are sold separately.

The Screw Cap & Clip Tile Levelling System is a tool-free solution for levelling tiles, consisting of a threaded cap and clip that can be tightened by hand.

 The threaded spacer clip is placed beneath the tile edge into the adhesive bed before laying the adjacent tile. Subsequently, the screw cap is threaded onto the clip and tightened until the tiles are levelled. The cap is designed with ergonomic finger grips for easy hand tightening and spins freely, allowing caps to be positioned and spun down to the tile surface in just 1 second.

 Featuring a hollow design, the cap enables users to easily observe the grout joint at intersections.

 The clips of the Screw Cap & Clip Tile Levelling System are suitable for tiles ranging from 5 to 20mm in thickness and are offered in 1.5mm thickness options corresponding to the tile joint width.

 Once the adhesive has set, remove the cap by tapping it with a rubber mallet (or using the foot), tapping parallel to the joint line. Alternatively, unscrew the cap, remove it, and tap directly on the clip (parallel to the joint line).

 The Screw Cap & Clip Tile Levelling System is cost-effective as the threaded caps are highly durable and can be reused multiple times. Consequently, additional clips are the only items required for future applications.



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