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Tile Leveling System Kit (701 Pcs)

Tile Leveling System Kit (701 Pcs)

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Achieve Perfect Tile Results with Our Tile Levelling System!

Included in this kit:

  •  500x Spacer 0.5mm-1mm-1.5mm or 2mm
  •  200 x Clips
  •  1 x Pliers


Whether you're embarking on your first tiling project or you're an experienced pro, a reliable levelling system is essential to achieving outstanding results. Our Tile Levelling System is the key to ensuring your tiles are not only free from unsightly and hazardous lippage but also firmly secured in place, maintaining flawless grout lines.

Come in sets of 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm or 2mm.


Why Choose Our Tile Levelling System? 

  1. Comprehensive Kit: Our kit includes all the essential components you need for your next tile job, including clips, reusable wedges, and plier. With everything in one package, you can start your project right away.
  1. Versatile Usage: Suitable for tiles ranging from 5 to 12mm in thickness, our Tile Levelling System is compatible with a wide range of tile sizes, making it incredibly versatile for various tiling projects.
  1. Effortless Installation and Removal: Experience hassle-free tile installation and removal with our system. It requires minimal effort to install and remove, ensuring a smooth and efficient tiling process. 
  1. Enhanced Stability: By preventing tiles from shifting during installation, our Tile Levelling System offers enhanced stability. This means your tiles stay in place, allowing for precise alignment and professional-looking results.
  1. Eliminates Lippage: Say goodbye to uneven and unsightly tile surfaces. Our system eliminates protrusions, providing a smooth, even, and visually appealing tile surface.
  1. Flexible Grout Line Options: In addition to ensuring tight spacing between tiles, our Tile Levelling System can be used with normal spacers to create wider grout lines if desired. This flexibility allows you to customize the look of your tiled surface according to your preferences.

When you choose our Tile Levelling System, you're investing in a reliable and user-friendly solution that guarantees professional results. Experience the difference of perfectly levelled tiles and immaculate grout lines with our easy-to-use kit. Get started on your next tile project with confidence!

Need more clips? Purchase the refill pack.


Features & benefits

  • Kit includes clips, reusable wedges and pliers.
  • Use with tiles between 5-12mm.
  • Minimal effort to install and remove.
  • Prevents tiles from moving during instaltion.
  • ✅Eliminates protrusions.
  • Can be used with normal spacers for a wider grout line.
  • Replacement clips available.

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