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Foldable Modular Tile Cutting Table 1500x1000x850 mm

Foldable Modular Tile Cutting Table 1500x1000x850 mm

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Foldable Modular Tile Cutting Table 1500x1000x850 mm: A Perfect Blend of Durability and Convenience

Crafted for Precision and Efficiency:

Our tile cutting table is meticulously designed from robust structural aluminum and 3mm steel, ensuring a durable and stable platform for your tile cutting endeavors. The unique construction allows for both partial (foldable legs) and complete disassembly, facilitating quick assembly within minutes. The central longitudinal elements can be adjusted along the transverse supports for enhanced versatility.

Solid Construction for Stability:

With a load-bearing capacity of up to 150 kg, the table's sturdy design ensures stability and reliability during your tile cutting tasks. The non-slip legs firmly anchor the table, absorbing vibrations to prevent any shifts that might compromise your work.

Convenient Portability:

The collapsible nature of the table adds an extra layer of convenience, making it easily transportable. Whether you are moving from one project to another or transporting it to different job sites, the table's disassembly and assembly process is a breeze.

Key Features:

Purpose: Ideal for cutting and working with large-format tiles

Dimensions: 1500x1000x850 mm

Professional Modular Table for Versatile Work:

Designed for professionals working with various sheet and roll materials, our modular table elevates your work speed, quality, and safety.

The working surface comprises longitudinally arranged aluminum profiles with a unique shape, allowing easy attachment of clamps, quick clamping devices, and other tools for different applications. The supporting part, made of 3mm-thick metal, can withstand loads up to 150 kg. The foldable legs enhance mobility, and their height-adjustable feature ensures stability on any surface.

Additional Information:

The table provides a perfectly flat surface for cutting and processing tiles.

The working surface is crafted from aluminum profiles.

The table is fully collapsible for easy transportation.

Quick clamps are available for separate purchase.

In conclusion, our Foldable Modular Tile Cutting Table is a versatile and reliable companion for any tiling project, combining durability with the convenience of portability. Elevate your tile cutting experience with a table designed to meet the demands of professionals in the field.

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