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Contour Gauge Profile Tool Irregular Shape Duplicator, (250mm)

Contour Gauge Profile Tool Irregular Shape Duplicator, (250mm)

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Contour duplicator is made of ABS material. The template tool is not only durable, accurate in measurement, and can be used quickly, but the contour gauge duplicator can also become a must-have tool in your tool bag.

ACCURATE COPYING - Contour gauge has enough width to meet different shapes, accurate measurement error is within 0.1cm, our scribing tool is strong enough to not deform. Each plastic tooth fits snugly and tightly aligned.

ANY SHAPE - measuring tools have different lengths of 10 inches, and different sizes can be determined according to the environment used. contour duplicator can easily duplicate the shape you want.

EASY TO USE - You just need to point the flooring tools at the area you want to measure and apply pressure to easily replicate the shape you want. And there are two precise scales (centimeters and inches) on the contour gauge to easily get the results you want.

VERSATILE - The contour gauge is perfectly suitable for irregular profiles, tiles, laminate, wood, ceramics, keys, carpets, winding cores, round frames and many articles as well as in automotive sheet metal.


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