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Tile Access Panels "Techno"

Tile Access Panels "Techno"

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Loop with 3D adjustment.

Opening type - pressing.

An inexpensive model with the ability to adjust the door in all positions, which greatly simplifies the installation of such hatches under the tile.

If you are thinking about buying an invisibility hatch for tiles, our company advises you to pay attention to the Techno model, equipped with a push mechanism.

Features of the push hatch

The main advantage of installing such a design is its absolute invisibility after finishing with a facing material. By purchasing a Techno pressure hatch, you can mount it not only under tiles, but also under other finishing materials, such as mosaics, marble, granite, wallpaper, artificial or natural stone.

Usually, such an invisible inspection hatch is installed under the tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. And it can be placed in the walls of drywall, foam concrete, brick, concrete, etc.

access panel for tile

Like other push hatches, "Techno" opens with light pressure on the outer surface.

However, this model compares favorably with its competitors by having a hinge that can be adjusted in all areas, which eliminates sagging of the push hatch door and guarantees a neat appearance of the room.

The frame and all moving parts of the mechanism are made of steel. And this metal, as you know, has good performance characteristics and ensures a long service life of products. In addition, the metal components of the stealth hatch are treated with a special solution that protects the structure from corrosion.

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