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Tile Access Panel – Touch Hatch Lift out Door "Universal"

Tile Access Panel – Touch Hatch Lift out Door "Universal"

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The Tile Door range of Access Panels model "Universal" are simple to install and suitable for walls only allowing easy, convenient access where regular maintenance to services is required.  This particular range of panels are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where access is required to pipework behind tiled walls (such as below sinks or behind w.c's) for a clean, sleek and virtually invisible finish.

Additional information

Characteristics of the inspection hatch for the "Universal" tile

The main difference of this model from other revision plumbing hatches is a removable door, which can be detached if necessary. Safety cables with carabiners provide safe access to engineering networks, and do not allow the door to fall out of the opening when opening.

The cover of the removable hatch under the tile is unlocked with a light touch, without the use of suction cups or other common mechanisms.

The frame of the structure is made of aluminum, so the product weighs a little.

The removable door of the inspection hatch is made of moisture-resistant drywall, which allows you to protect plumbing communications located under it from moisture. And good sound insulation of the product will not allow the noise from the operation of the equipment to penetrate into the room.

The required dimensions of a removable sanitary hatch are set individually. And the price of the structure directly depends on this.

Appointment of a removable sanitary hatch

The Universal model is used mainly in the bathroom, toilet or in the kitchen to mask plumbing networks. This removable version has been widely used due to its increased tightness and ability to withstand heavy loads.

The name of the model of this sanitary removable hatch indicates the possibility of its installation under any surface:

  • tiles;
  • marble;
  • granite;
  • mosaic;
  • artificial or natural stone.

After finishing the cover with one of the presented materials, it becomes completely invisible, which ensures a neat appearance of the surface and does not violate the overall style of the interior.

You can mount the mechanism in walls made of concrete, brick, foam concrete or drywall.

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