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Tile Access Panels "Сlassic"

Tile Access Panels "Сlassic"

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The main feature of the "Classic" type push-in invisible inspection hatches is the opening of the door by pressing it by hand ("click system").
 At the same time, the hatch door works according to the following principle: to open - you press on the door and it is easily separated, to close - you need to bring the door to the hatch frame and lightly press it until it clicks.
 After that, the hatch door is securely fixed in the closed position.
 This type of invisible hatch door opening is also called a "click system".
Such opening is possible thanks to special "Mini Latch" type click locks, which are made in Germany and have the highest degree of reliability.
 This makes it possible to expand the scope of application of this design of invisible inspection hatches.
 In addition to the standard cases of using hatches under tiles, they are used in cases where it is impossible to stick a suction cup to the finishing material, for example, the hatch door is decorated with structural tiles, mosaics, etc.


Installation of the invisible hatch of the "Classic" type is carried out only in vertical walls and partitions made of various building materials (brick, gas block, plasterboard systems, foam block, etc.). The design of the opening in which the hatch is mounted must have the correct geometry and be strong and durable. For example, if we want to make a slot from metal plasterboard galvanized profiles (type CW 50, CW 75, CW100), then it is absolutely necessary to insert a wooden beam into the cavity of the profiles along the perimeter of the opening, and also to additionally fix all four corners of the opening with steel furniture corners The profile must be reliably "connected" to the main supporting structure of the profile system. For ease of installation, the hatch frame has mounting holes with a diameter of 4 mm

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