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Vacuum Suction Cup

Vacuum Suction Cup

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HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The suction cup is crafted from durable ABS and natural rubber. With the handle welded tightly to the suction cup, it won’t break easily. Solid and long-lasting, this product offers a lengthy service life.

EXELLENT LOAD CAPACITY: Achieve up to 40 kg load capacity horizontally and 25 kg vertically! Use the suction cup on any smooth, flat, non-porous surface such as glass, metal, plastic, tile, marble, and more.

SAFE AND THOUGHTFUL DESING: The seal, made from extra-strong rubber, ensures a robust and ergonomic grip. The rubber pad is gentle on surfaces and won’t scratch. A spring-loaded quick-release handle ensures easy movement and optimal control.

VERSATILE APPLICATION: With strong adsorption capacity, these suction cups can be used at home, in shops, garages, or at work. Ideal for computer repairs, construction handles for outdoor suction cups, and more.

EASY APPLICATION METHOD: 1. Wipe both the surface of the rubber sucker and the object to ensure they are clean and dry. 2. Set the handle to a separate status, then press the suction cup vertically downwards (press firmly), squeeze out any air, close the other handle, and use the suction cup handle to lift the item.
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